1)De La Soul – I Am I Be

Song: I Am I Be

Album: Buhloone Mindstate

Year: 1993

Why this is my top Hip-Hop song of all time: While an obscure choice, this was Hip-Hop confronting adulthood and maturity, from a group we were just used to being fun and zany. This song is beautiful, serious, introspective, soulful and jazzy and in 2011 it’s a look at longevity and artistry when you consider De La, Busta, Prince Paul, Dres and Q-Tip are still making music of substance today, and Chris Lighty/Bob Power still have relevant careers. As a bonus, look at this picture and be jealous.

(that’s the first voice you hear on this song)

Sincere thanks you if you took even the slightest interest in this experiment of mine, it took over a month longer than the expected end date if I would have done one song a day. Zip files with every song broken up and pieced together will be up over the next few days.

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