7)Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean

Song: Come Clean

Album: The Sun Rises In The East

Year: 1994

This was just art. It was a statement representative of that whole golden era. The drums were that KNOCK, Jeru rapped like no one we had ever heard before or since his time and it was just a really proud moment for New York. This is probably one of the reasons my eyes got wide as dinner plates when I met DJ Premier at the Moment Of Truth album signing at the Sam Goody a few blocks over from where Fat Beats was (remember record stores?) Jeru’s flow was smooth and playful yet unorthodox and it was rather effortless how well he came off connecting lines where the previous one left off. For the record, that isn’t a sample of water drops just because that was what you saw in the video, water drops could never be that melodic. This was a time where you were basically being given props if your voice was scratched on a hook, the way Onyx was saluted here, Jeru’s vocals from “Come Clean” went on to be cut up on the hook for Blahzay Blahzay’s “Danger”. The scratching breakdown at the end is crucial as well.

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