6)Nas – N.Y. State Of Mind

Song: N.Y. State Of Mind

Album: Illmatic

Year: 1994

Im hardly one of those people that believe Illmatic to be the greatest thing to ever happen to Hip-Hop, it was just at the time a really great rapper getting with a bunch of really great producers with the end result being an intro, 8 classic songs and “One Time For Your Mind”. Sure we hadn’t heard anyone as gifted as Nas was but I’m never one for blowing things out of proportion. That much said the opener after the intro was at once funky, hard, and a whole new level of Hip-Hop in and of itself. Nas was never the tough guy rapper, he just broke down the world around him and painted pictures that were like films on audio. The flows on this were like a jazz musician finding whatever rhythm works for him at a whim while still keeping with the beat. The beat, another Premier gem was wondrous and the lyrical performance was just potent from top to bottom.

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