10)Main Source – Looking At The Front Door

Song: Looking At The Front Door

Album: Breaking Atoms

Year: 1991

One of my favorite songs simply because of how comprehensible it was at age 10 or 11. Where many songs went over my head, this and the aforementioned “Your Mom’s In My Business“ didn’t take any work to get. I have great affinity for the Large Professor’s performance on Breaking Atoms as he handled the bulk of rapping and production. Off the top of my head this was the first rap song I recall using the term “hunky-dory”, this was an era where you could talk about your problems with a woman without being misogynistic (true story though, the original “I could play some old stuck rapper role” couplet ended “and smack you in your mouth every time you lose control”, so it was under consideration) as Large did his best to maintain his composure despite his problematic relationship.

This generation might recognize the sample from the Jay Dee (Dilla) homage to Donald Byrd’s “Think Twice”, please believe I was PISSED when Lisa Lisa met moderate success with the remix to “Let The Beat Hit Em” ,  having only used the sample because “Looking At The Front Door” was a jam. This was like the  precursor to the Beatnuts “Watch Out Now”/Jennifer Lopez “Jenny From The Block” scandal, pesky Hispanic (looking) female singers have a way of ruining everything.

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