11)Nice & Smooth – Hip-Hop Junkies

Song: Hip-Hop Junkies

Album: Aint A Damn Thing Changed

Year: 1991

Nice & Smooth’s time was one you had to really be there for, lest you’d think they were really bad at rapping. To this day no one can tell me anything is wrong with ‘Funky For You” or “Cake And Eat It Too” off of sheer nostalgia alone. They’re what I’d consider the best bad rappers of all time (i.e. on this song I’ve chosen Smooth B said “I don’t beg, cause I’m not a begonia”, a far cry from what the respected wordsmiths of that era were coming with), but they pulled it off due to the strength of their vocal styles and their confidence as Greg Nice was more aggressive and Smooth B had a finesse only to be later on matched by CL Smooth.

It was sort of amusing when I found out I was geeking out to The Partridge Family, but even crazier when my homeboy (not even into music like that) pointed out that the hook came from Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”, I also hear it in the theme song for the old Seinfeld episodes. It kind of upset me that DWYCK is recognized in time’s annals as their biggest song (the same applies for Gang Starr’s catalog) when gems like this were amongst their singles. At the time this was so big they shot a Spanish Fly version of the video too.

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