14)Biz Markie – Vapors

Song: Vapors

Album: Goin’ Off

Year: 1988

Another Cold Chillin Records staple. Another Marley Marl classic. Before Biz Markie became the clown prince of Hip-Hop with “Just A Friend” and before he changed sampling as we know it , he was a dope rapper (not sure if he had any assistance with his pen game). In this salute to the triumph of underdogs, Biz entered the term “catching the vapors” into Hip-Hop’s lexicon, from what I surmise it’s one getting a whiff of how ‘fresh’ someone they slept on has become. It’s a great, nearly timeless piece of slang whose mass popularity can be attributed solely to this song. Plus it’s always amusing to see women in videos faking playing a horn, the “Vapors” video did it then the Wreckx n Effects “Rump Shaker” clip took the meme to even greater heights.

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