23)UTFO – Roxanne, Roxanne b/w Roxanne Shante – Roxanne’s Revenge

Songs:   Roxanne, Roxanne/Roxanne’s Revenge

Year: 1984

My dad works for a fairly prestigious music company, I fell in love with Hip-Hop when he brought me home  this tape. At 4 years old it was the coolest thing I had ever heard and I understood these guys were competing for this girl, but the rhyme styles were out of this world. They rapped in Pig Latin, pronounced number one “nizzumber wizzun”, broke down different types of medical doctors and that “Harry, Barry, Larry, marry, Mary, hairy, scary, fairy, Sherri, January, February…” rhyme scheme in the second verse is still one of the greatest things ever to me.

The basic gist was all of them wanted Roxanne, who proceeded to front on them. But Roxanne was fictional and a young woman from Queensbridge took on the role of the character and came back with “Roxanne’s Revenge”, using their rap styles and lines against them and explaining her side in why none of them got any play. This is one of my favorite raps ever, it’s dated but she really went in for that time period. Hip-Hop is/was one of the greater music genres for the sheer creativity it took to make a response record as a fictitious character. But it got downright silly as Roxanne went on to have beef with “The Real Roxanne”, another female MC “Sparky D” and  even Roxanne’s doctor got in on the shenanigans (you can read a full synopsis here) This was an era where rap beef was fun, safe and there was still a novelty to it, a time we’ll never get back.

Editor’s Note: Kangol from UTFO actually wound up getting with “The Real Roxanne”, not to be confused with Roxanne Shante who was actually the real Roxanne. Pretty ridiculous, I know.

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