22)LL Cool J – The Boomin System

Song: The Boomin System

Album: Mama Said Knock You Out

Year: 1990

LL Cool J was considered out and on his dying limb when he came back with the classic Mama Said Knock You Out LP. This is another one of those “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” moments where the moment you pressed play on your tape your mind was blown. I’m no James Brown expert but I’m pretty sure this was him being sampled and this song was tough, LL’s confidence was just smooth and composed as they come, knowing that he had the streets on fire all over again.

The song was expressly made for blasting in your car, and much like Midnight Marauders did with “Oh My God/God Lives Through”, the vocal sample was cross referenced from this same album’s “Cheesy Rat Blues”, an equally classic tale of James Todd being desolate (Cars ride by with the boomin system, sayin “leave him alone, my man already dissed him”) also worth noting that “Cheesy Rat Blues” employed the Scenario Remix sample years beforehand.  So as it turns out we might owe some of Tribe’s inspiration to this album. But yeah anyway, “The Boomin System” is serious levels of swagger before the term became a plague to the culture.

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