50)Erule – Listen Up

Song: Listen Up 12″

Year: 1994

Anyone who was a 90’s head like myself held this song near and dear to their hearts. I have absolutely no clue what Erule was talking about, but in my most humblest of opinions he put on one of the finest displays of emceeing known to man here. Now, it doesn’t hurt that the sample is Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” sped up (my favorite jazz musician), if the lyrics were easily decipherable this would have been far closer to the # 1 slot on this countdown.

Some people have told me it’s a lot of NGE talk, (Nation Of Gods & Earths aka 5 Percenter aka what RZA/Wu-Tang, Wise Intelligent from Poor Righteous Teachers and Brand Nubian amongst others contributed to the culture. The producer’s name is King Born Allah, so yeah) every time I think I want to really try grasping what he’s saying I just get caught up in the beat combined with the mean flow and end up zoning out, going to another place of euphoria. The start has the greatest programmed drum tap ever, the scratching for the hook and extended to take the song out and everything else about this song is a Hip-Hopper’s wet dream.

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