57)O.C. – The Crow

Song: The Crow

Album: Jewelz

Year: 1997

This is sort of obscure, you’d have to be a “head” to know this song, it bangs unbelievably hard thanks to the wizardry of producer Showbiz. I’m not even sure what O.C. is rapping about here (some type of dark supernatural type of fantasy) but his vocal performance is killer and wherever the sample of the kids singing came from, that made it sound even more complete. This is one of those songs where I dont even want to know what was sampled because it could possibly blow my mind. But I’ll eventually research it.

Funny story, O.C.’s sophomore LP was so great that my freshman year of college this kid from Chicago (clearly unfamiliar with O.C.’s debut Word…Life) ran around praising the rapper, referring to him as “O.C. Jewelz”.

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