60)De La Soul – Pass The Plugs (Remaster)

Song: Pass The Plugs

Album: De La Soul Is Dead

Year: 1991

While Tribe made my favorite album of all time with Midnight Marauders (no they don’t have the number 1 slot on this countdown, I tried to keep it fair and balanced) I’ve recently come to the conclusion that De La Soul made the greater music. De La Soul Is Dead in particular was their answer to the flower child backlash received from “Me Myself and I” and the Daisy Age ethos found on 3 Feet High And Rising.

Posdnuos, Trugoy and Mase have always taken the right approach to Hip-Hop for me, making the best product they felt they were capable of without concern for how it was received by the mainstream. I mean look at the intricacy in the rhyme structure of “The Soul reach high planes, could even reach Soul Train, but Don (Cornelius) don’t like rap so that wont happen/Fame we don’t lust, God we do trust, Arsenio dissed us but the crowd kept clapping”, Pos is the most underrated veteran I can think of. This song was always really fun to me though I could have chosen a number of songs to represent De La’s sophomore release. I shouldn’t have to explain to you Prince Paul’s legacy by this point.

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