62)Pharcyde – Pass The Pipe

Song: Pack The Pipe

Album: Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

Year: 1992

Im not much of a fan of weed rap except Curren$y, Devin The Dude and Domo Genesis (OFWGKTA), yes you should take that as a slight to Wiz Khalifa and whoever else I failed to mention. While I recognize its importance, The Chronic (and 2001) never blew me away, never did Cypress Hill, small obscure song’s like Channel Live’s “Mad Izm” were good with me because of my evident east coast bias, you see where I’m going here. I havent smoked much in my day, so while I’m fine with omnipresent weed mentions in lyrics I’ve hardly been able to relate to it being the topic of whole songs.

But “Pass The Pipe” is hard and funky, and the second verse where Fatlip & Bootie Brown (?) rap together is forever amazing due to the juxtaposition of their high and low pitches. This crucial part of the song was fully indicative of the group’s appeal, zany ideas that just worked. Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is one of my favorite albums ever, you should hear it if you havent. It’s full of fun, “Otha Fish” is the ultimate Hip-Hop love lamentation and the production by J-Swift is largely unrivaled.

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