70)Roc Marciano – Ridin Around

Song: Ridin Around

Album: Marcberg

Year: 2010

You ask how could I choose a song from 2010 to be amongst my top 100 ever when the music has been around nearly three decades prior? Very simply, the album Marcberg is a throwback to the rugged, street era we fell in love with. It sounds like a passion project done in someone’s home studio on a low quality mic, but I’m sure it’s supposed to have that feel. The album was completely self produced by Roc Marc and wins from top to bottom.

I shouldn’t have to explain why “Ridin Around” is so special. The drum says it all, the strings fading in and out with him just rocking over the heavy bass is some golden age shit (Nas starting the second verse of “New York State Of Mind”, Phife on Butter”) and his rapping has little to no peer in this day and age. Roc Marc has gone from being a general in Busta’s Flipmode Squad to killing with his own crew the U.N. (track down their album UN Or U Out) and now he’s a champion in his own regard. He’s why I don’t clamor for an Illmatic sequel or anything of the sort, we were blessed with the first Marcberg last year. I cant mention enough how refreshing his approach as been.

As a bonus here is a mixtape of rare and unreleased Roc Marciano material from the good people at Lattisaw Tapes (if you’re a Hip-Hop geek like me you’ll get the URL’s reference)

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