76)Blu & Exile – Soul Amazin

Song: Soul Amazin

Album: Below The Heavens

Year: 2007

In the spring of 2007, Von Pea’s myspace blog spoke of something that was inspiring him. I had to be in on this, so I asked him, he said Blu & Exile, I found an early copy of Below The Heavens and my life was forever changed. This kid had no back story, having made an album that spoke to exactly where I was in life at the time (I was living the first verse of “(Show Me The) Good Life” the first time I heard it), he rapped his natural ass off, his beats from producer Exile were out of this world, this album had no anticipation, it was just out there shitting on everything else. It was humorous, serious, fun, thoughtful, happy, sad and most of all DOPE. I made it my life’s mission for that year to tell anyone who would listen and everyone who checked it out agreed with its potency.

“Soul Amazin” is beautiful and pleasant while still hard, Blu glided over the beat and made a masterpiece (most of the album is just as strong) and I’m a sucker for scratching in other rapper’s vocals for a hook that matches the song’s title. The ultimate body blow comes at the end when Lil Fame’s voice is cut up to pay homage to Afrika Bambatta’s “Planet Rock”.

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