79)Jay Dee – Featuring Phat Kat

Song: Featuring Phat Kat

Album: Welcome To Detroit

Year: 2001

Im in love with this song because of the juxtaposition of Phat Kat attacking the mic with such ferocity over such a hard drum and the almost soothing whistle/keys that come in and out every few bars. It recently dawned upon me that Jay Dee may have been paying homage to Pete Rock with the bass line and DJ Premier with the scratching in the hook, testament to his magic behind the boards. This short and sweet banger was a highlight of Welcome To Detroit, an album you need in your collection if you don’t own it. Also it would behoove you to check out Phat Kat’s “Don’t Nobody Care About Us” if you’re a fan of hard body rapping and unfamiliar with his material, really if it comes from Detroit and gets a pass via familiar lanes, chances are it bangs. In the wake of Dilla’s departure the city has kept a flame lit up under them and they won’t be relinquishing rights to any other territory in the foreseeable future.

For the sake of enjoyment I’ve removed the Kiki the stalker skit that’s tacked on at the end, it’s pretty much the original “Yeezy taught me” bit, where if you’ve heard it once you don’t need to again, if in fact you ever needed to hear it at all.

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