82)Little Brother – Dreams

Song: Dreams

Album: GetBack

Year: 2007

Where I could have easily chosen “When Everything Is New” (the song that followed and closed the GetBack album), the message of “Dreams” is one that resonates with me strongly. Of the slew of life anthems to be found on their three albums and various other projects, “Dreams” details the courage Big Pooh &  Phonte found to rise above fear and doubt to go full steam ahead with making music for a living. Little Brother kind of created the everyman ethos since The Listening; where every dope rapper we admired before them had to be put in the boxes of bohemian, battle rapper, thug, militant, conscious, and whatever else, Little Brother was just two dudes who put their heart and soul into being entertaining and relatable. Also notable about the GetBack LP is every song has a topic, whereas rapping about rapping can wear thin on me, a theme on many of the album’s songs was determination. If you’ve been living in a cave Phonte & the group’s original producer 9th Wonder mended their rift at the top of this year, though there are no immediate plans of recording together again.

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