87)Special Ed – I Got It Made

Song: I Got It Made

Album: Youngest In Charge

Year: 1989

After becoming larger in scope than its original usage in party backdrops, and prior to becoming a means of speaking out against society’s ills, Hip-Hop MCs were known for hyperbole regarding their supposed material possessions. The first widely recognized case was the Sugar Hill Gang with “Rapper’s Delight” and while acts like Run-DMC, LL Cool J and Slick Rick propagated a revolution in the fine art of braggadocio, there was something different about Special Ed’s “I Got It Made”. Surely his claims were preposterous, but they were presented with such suave and finesse that you almost had to buy into it. The line “I’m talented, yes I’m gifted/never boosted, never shoplifted” showed an intelligence that gave way to an alternative method of getting rich aside from living the street life, but at age 15 was Edward Archer the product of generational wealth, Brooklyn’s first teenage hedge fund broker, a real estate genius or just a kid with an incredible imagination and a great flow? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

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