91)Talib Kweli feat. Kendra Ross – Wont You Stay


Song: Wont You Stay

Album: Quality

Year: 2002

Easily my favorite rap song about love of all time. I’ve lived verse 1 over and over like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day, Kweli perfectly juxtaposed the struggle of a woman divided by desire and fear.

There’s this lady I’m in love with, living inside of this woman I know/But she she’s scared to let it show

I know it sounds like some bugged shit, it’s just she comes with hang-ups and insecurities that gotta go

She’s always nervous around me, but see this lady inside, she ready to be my baby tonight

And ever since this lady found me, this woman thinks I’m dangerous and aint ready to put her safety aside

I try to tell her that I got her back, and no matter where we at in our lives I treat her like she’s my girl

I ask her “What’s wrong with that?” She’s like “It just aint right, there’s so many more women than men in the world”


I was so enamored with the song I never really picked up on how ill that rhyme pattern was until I just transcribed it, then there’s the jazzy breakdown paying homage to Black Sheep’s “Strobelite Honey”, and all of the jewels dropped in the whole song. Supa Dave West put his foot in the production and became the dude to watch out for with the sleeper bangers on people’s albums.

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