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My #1 Hip-Hop Skit Of All Time

May 23, 2010

The esteemed honor goes to…

Parisha vs. Cons

Artist: Consequence

Album: The Cons Vol. 2 (Make The Game Come To You) Mixtape

Premise: This may have been when it first dawned upon me that artists weren’t paying for studio time to do mixtapes. This skit is 8+ minutes in length, starring Consequence as himself, drug addicts named Parisha & Grand Fool, and a Hispanic guy named Eguardo. The whole time you are to suspend disbelief and not be able to tell that it’s him playing all of these roles, some of whom carry on conversations with each other.

Highlight: 1) Cons and Parisha on a court television show where the judge compliments his music and curses her (the plaintiff) out. 2) Grand Fool and Cons freestyling over a classic beat at the end, I wont give it away.


Young H’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Skits Of All Time (Part 3)

May 20, 2010

We’re now dealing with the creme de la creme.

#4 – Yaaaaaaaay Bitch!

Artist: The Pharcyde

Album: Labcabincalifornia

Premise: The crew is hanging around, goofing off and flipping channels. Before too long, Dr. (???) interrupts on the screen with a commercial advertising his hotline for “celebrities caught up with these groupie eps” (episodes) or those guilty of flat out giving them too much credit. It is the introduction to “Groupie Therapy”, a song casting away disingenuous harlots and before the doctor’s appearance a white girl announces that she and another almost have the same dress. The effortless reply from 1/4th of the group is timeless and something I’ve had to repeat many a fed up day of my own.

# 3 – The Stick Up

Artist: Redman

Album: Muddy Waters

Premise: A bus ride through what I presume is Newark, New Jersey takes a decided turn for the worse as a gentleman doing a rendition of Tyrese’s Coca-Cola commercial and others get robbed by a gunman. In the wacky universe of Redman albums amongst characters like Chris Tricarico, Uncle Quilly, Dr. Trevis and the Soopaman Luva, you came to look forward to the robbery man after Muddy Waters. His appearances would only proceed to get more outlandish (hijacking a plane, representing himself as an ice cream man to rob children), but his grand introduction is always the most special.

#2 – Woodrow The Basehead b/w Who Would You Fuck

Artist: Ghostface Killah

Album: Supreme Clientele

Premise: 1) A local crackhead shows up short and wants a discount on his necessity.  Ghost tries to calmly explain to him that it isnt going down (“It’s Christmas tomorrow”), this doesnt work and negotiations shortly become heated with Woodrow insulting Ghost and his crew and threatening to go to his old lady Susie’s house and have her throw him a gun out of the window. 2) A simple discussion around which comparable celebrities the crew would sleep with and their reasons behind each decision, hilarity ensues.

Highlight: “Mary (J. Blige), this ‘Perb. I’ll make love to you, baby”

This shall conclude with my # 1 Hip-Hop Skit Of All Time tomorrow.

Young H’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Skits Of All Time Part 2

May 18, 2010

Counting down from where we left off yesterday

#7 – Dinner Lude b/w Finna Records

Artist: Mannie Fresh

Albums: The Mind Of Mannie Fresh and Turk’s Young & Thuggin LP

Premise: The primary producer for Cash Money Records in its heyday, ½ of the comedic genius duo Big Tymers and everyone’s long lost play cousin Mannie Fresh takes a date out that goes awry shortly after ordering at a nice restaurant and lets listeners into his thoughts on haters.

Highlights: Acting out every dating man’s dream and informing a woman she’s choosing to eat from the “fuck” side of the menu, with her replying “I like the fuck side better” b/w “You don’t see Christina [Aguilera] callin’ the other hoe [Britney Spears] talkin bout ‘Yall cant sing, yall aint keepin’ it real'”

#6 – Louie’s Alive And He Takes Over The World

Artist: Slum Village

Album: Fantastic Vol. 2

Premise: A new retail CD available for purchase of Louis Armstrong remaking R&B/soul classics. Slum Village’s humor was bizarre and zany, but this was just out there. I dont know if this was a statement on the shitty turn R&B had taken with an exaggerated point on the lengths legends would have to go to remain relevant or what.

#5 – Rape’n U Records

Artist: The Lox

Album: We Are The Streets

Premise: A warning against the dangers of signing unfair recording contracts and a certain jab at the CEO of their former level, a man once infamously described as “all up in the videooooos” whom the Lox spent much of this album airing out (despite legal agreements stating they couldn’t say his name on record). Jadakiss expertly plays the role of label exec Jay Jerkin Niggas, explaining the kind of raw deal one can expect with him backing their career.

Highlights: 1) Artist: I’m about to blow? Jadakiss: Hell no you aint about to blow!  2) His closing chant of “We’ll be rapin’ you” (repeated over and over again) was a surefire gem for anyone who grew up listening to radio stations 98.7 Kiss and 107.5 WBLS in the 1980’s in New York, as there was a commercial for a weekly reggae party that ended “WE’LL BE ROCKIN YOU, ROCKIN YOU, ROCKIN YOU…”

I will return later this week with Part 3, featuring my selections for my fourth, third and second Hip-Hop Skit Of All Time

Young H’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Skits Of All Time* Part 1

May 17, 2010

*All time meaning off the top of my head, and they’re good enough to make me not care if you have a differing opinion or recall something else that you found super great.

To know me well is to know I have a penchant for laughing and making others laugh. We largely have Prince Paul to thank for a lot of strange, cringeworthy, hilarious, corny, and infamous skits committed to Hip-Hop albums and mixtapes.

So here’s how I’m going to do this.

10 skits (with maybe a bonus thrown in here and there for good measure) over the next 4 days, with links and my explanation of what makes them so great.

Without any further ado, let’s rock.

# 10 – Locked Up/Mean Mug (mugging in the South is what would be referred to as ‘having on a screw face” on the east coast, or a threatening grimace outside of Hip-Hop slang)

Artist: B.O.B

Album: Hi! My Name Is BoB mixtape

Premise: Satire of how black Southern manhood seemingly has to be extremely hard and thugged out. I believe both skits were expertly played out by B.O.B.’s partner in crime Playboy Tre.

Highlights: “Nigga talkin bout he wanna hit the club for some hoes, I might hit the club just to swing on a hoe just so I could get locked up”.

#9 – Ghost Weed

Artists: De La Soul, Pharaoh Monch, Phife Dawg, Black Thought

Album: Art Official Intelligence – Mosaic Thump

Premise: Friends sitting around getting high with a special strand of marijuana that helps them rap like their favorite MCs.

#8 – Animal Thug Interlude

Artist: Noreaga

Album: N.O.R.E

Premise: A man of what I assume is Indian descent is in the studio as the album is being made, a food delivery guy. He gets christened the name Animal Thug, for no reason other than it entertains hooligans (more likely high than not) finding the whole ordeal humorous. This remains a pinnacle of the ‘recording and seeing what happens’ style as opposed to  a scripted routine the way so many skits tend to go.

Highlight: “Gal like beeg dick” —> “My dick bigger than *you*”

I will be back tomorrow with numbers 7, 6, and 5